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PSM V72 D244 Thirty foot high tidal wave near haining.png

Bore Front, Thirty Feet High, a Few Miles below Haining.
(Negative of John Green, Esq.)

from Volcano Island inward to Haining. The rise at Rambler then continued to be very rapid, while the water at Haining remained nearly stationary. This state developed until midnight, by which time the level had risen twenty-one feet at Rambler and about six feet at Volcano, but had not yet risen at all at Haining. Through all this interval the water was running down the river from Haining toward its mouth.

This state of strain represented by a difference in level of over twenty feet between Rambler outside and Haining only twenty-six

PSM V72 D244 Tidal bore passing haining.png

The Bore passing Haining.
Negative of C. Pape. Esq., Hanchow.)