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PSM V72 D382 Pennsylvania meadow vole group exhibit.png

Pennsylvania Meadow Vole Group—showing adults, nest, and young. In the Room of "Animal Homes" arranged for young children.

made necessary. Repeated and prolonged visits demonstrated the sincerety of his statement that he felt as though he had come into a new world with "all these animals."

Every September children returning from country outings hasten to tell us of their holiday pleasures, not the least of which is the deeper appreciation of this world of nature of which the museum has given them broader knowledge. Examples of the quickening and stimulating influence of the museum in individual cases could be multiplied indefinitely, and to these could be added the appreciative testimony of parents and teachers, were it necessary to prove by argument its real value to the community. But, happily, the day is passed when its excuse for existence is questioned, or when the Children's Museum is regarded as an extravagant investment yielding small returns. On the contrary, the returns would warrant an increased expenditure, and this seems to be a necessity of the near future.

The present Children's Museum has long since outgrown its quarters. Its exhibition halls, its lecture room and its library are often so over-crowded with eager children as to defeat the objects of their visits. The New York legislature, however, has recently

PSM V72 D382 Northwestern eskimo dwelling exhibit.png
Permanent Dwelling of the Northwestern Eskimo. In the Geography Room.