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Doctor John A. Brashear.

The main business streets and the finer residential portions of the city are kept in as good condition as almost anywhere else.

Thus far the reference has been to the physical and industrial aspects. There are other elements worthy of note; lines of broader development in which Pittsburgh has already attracted attention: wherein she promises to exert, some day, an influence over a wide area. These fields are represented by the Art Society, the Scientific Museum, the Pittsburgh Orchestra, the Public Library System, the Technical Schools, and the Astrophysical Observatory affiliated with the Western University of Pennsylvania. One distinction must be named, the observatory represents a field that has long since "arrived." Its work is known to science the world over.

The Pittsburgh Art Society was born in 1873; and out of that society of thirty-five years ago have been developed the Carnegie Art Galleries and the Pittsburgh Orchestra. The Museum, the Art Galleries and the Technical School are several parts of the Carnegie Institute, toward the upbuilding of which, together with the library, Andrew Carnegie has given many millions of dollars. The orchestra is a separate entity, now self-supporting.