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John Samuel Budgett.

and blackwater fever. He obtained a vast amount of important scientific information in regard to Polypterus and in other directions, and in his last expedition accomplished the artificial fertilizing of the eggs and the study of their development. But he sacrificed his life to attain this end, and died before completing his work at the age of thirty-one.


We regret to record the deaths of Dr. William Ashbrook Kellerman, professor of botany at the Ohio State University, from tropical fever while engaged in the study of the flora of Guatemala; of Dr. Edouard Zeller, the eminent historian of philosophy, at the age of ninety-four years; of Dr. William Edward Wilson, F.R.S., who had carried on important research in his astronomical observatory and astrophysical laboratory on his estate in Westmeath, Ireland; of Dr. H. C. Sorby, F.R.S., known for his researches on the microscopical structure of rocks and metals; of Sir John Eliot, F.R.S., eminent for his services to meteorology; of Dr. A. Howitt, author of important anthropological works on the natives of Australia; of Sir Denzil Ibbetson, known for his contributions to the ethnology of India; of Sir Alfred Cooper, a distinguished London surgeon, and of Professor Laurent, professor of mathematical analysis at Paris.

Major General A. W. Greely, eminent for his arctic explorations and his services to meteorology, having reached the age of sixty-four years on