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Geological Survey, and of Professor Franz von Leydig, the eminent zoologist of Bonn University.

The body of Emmanuel Swedenbourg has been removed from the Swedish church in London, where it was buried on his death in 1772, and taken by a Swedish man-of-war to Stockholm, where it will be interred.—By the will of Lord Kelvin, Lady Kelvin is appointed sole executrix, and all his property is bequeathed to her. According to the inventory, the value of the property is over $800,000.—The bill providing a pension of $125 monthly each to the widows of Drs. James Carroll and Jesse W. Lazear has passed the congress by a unanimous vote.

Professor Frederick F. Jones, dean of the College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts in the University of Minnesota, has been elected dean of the academic faculty of Yale University. Professor Jones graduated from Yale College in 1884 and has been connected with the University of Minnesota since 1885.—At the University of Wisconsin Professor Carl C. Thomas, now head of the department of marine engineering of Cornell University, has been elected to the professorship of steam engineering made vacant by the death of Storm Bull.

The Boston Society of Natural History has awarded the Walker grand honorary prize of one thousand dollars to Dr. Grove Karl Gilbert, of the United States Geological Survey. This award is made once in five years under the terms of the will of the late William Johnson Walker, a benefactor of the society, "for such scientific investigation or discovery in natural history as the council may think deserving thereof; provided such investigation or discovery shall have first been made known and published in the United States of America." The previous recipients of the Walker grand prize have been: Alexander Agassiz, Joseph Leidy, James Hall, James D. Dana, Samuel H. Scudder and Joel A. Allen.—The Rumford medal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has been awarded to Dr. Edward G. Acheson, of Niagara Falls, for his work with the electric furnace.—Dr. William H. Walker, professor of technical chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been presented by the New York Section of the American Chemical Society with the Nichols medal.