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Seven Great Works of Reference


Cyclopedia of American Agriculture

Edited by |_. H. BAILEY. Complete in Four Royal Octavo Volumes, with about 3,000 illustrations in the text and 100 Full-page Plates. Price of the set, cloth, $20 net ; half morocco, $32 net.

Vol. I. General Considerations of Farms, Climates and Soils. Now ready.

Vol. II. Farm Crops — General Facts relating to Plant Production: Individual Farm Crops.

Now ready.

Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology

Written by many hands and Edited by J. MARK BALDWIN, LL.D., with the co-operation of an Inter- national Board of Consulting Editors, and Bibliographies by DR. RAND.

In three volumes : Volume I, $8 ; Volume II, $8 ; Volume III, (in two parts) $10 net. Volume III contains the " Bibliography of Philosophy, Psychology, and Cognate Subjects," by Benjamin Rand, of Harvard University, in two parts.

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers

A new edition of a work which has no rival for completeness and trustworthiness. Thoroughly re- vised, with over 1200 new biographies and more than 4000 alterations necessitated by modern research.

Five volumes, fully illustrated. Each $6.00 net.

Encyclopedia Biblica

Edited by The Rev. T. K. CHEYNE, D.D., and J. SUTHERLAND BLACK, LL.D., Assisted by many Contributors in Great Britain, Europe and America. Cloth, $20 net ; half-morocco, $30 net.

Cyclopedia of American Horticulture

Edited by L. H. BAILEY, assisted by WILHELM MILLER and others. $,000 pages, with 2,800 illus- trations and 50 full-page plates. Four volumes, cloth, $20 net; half morocco, $32 net.

A Dictionary of Architecture and Building

By RUSSELL STURGIS, Fellow of American Inst, of Architecture, Author of "European Architec- ture," etc., and many Architects, Painters, Engineers and other Expert Writers, American and Foreign. With Bibliographies, and over 1,500 illustrations. Three vols. Cloth, $18 net ; half-mor., $30 net.

Dictionary of Music and Musicians

By Sir GEORGE GROVE. Revised and greatly enlarged Edition, in Five Volumes. Each volume illustrated with a photogravure and twenty-four full-page half-tone plates, besides many pictures in the text. Cloth, 8vo. Volumes I. and II. now ready. Each $5.00 net, on orders for sets only.

Sold by subscription only. For full particulars as to special cash or instalment offers address

The Macmillan Company, 64 ~ 6 n E w"y H c

Ave. York

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