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PSM V72 D096 The mitchell tower over the buildings of the meetings.png

The Mitchell Tower over the Group of Buildings which will be the Headquarters for the Meeting.

branches of the societies devoted to mathematics and to zoology.

The retiring president of the American Association is Dr. William H. Welch, of the Johns Hopkins University, who will make an address on the evening of the first day of the meeting. Dr. E. L. Nichols, professor of physics at Cornell University, is the president of the meeting and will reply to the addresses of welcome to be made by the president of the University of Chicago and others. Vice-presidential addresses are to be given in mathematics by Professor Kasner, of Columbia University; in chemistry, by Dr. Richardson, of New York City; in zoology, by Professor Conklin, of the University of Pennsylvania; in physics, by Professor Sabine, of Harvard University; in economics, by Mr. Conant, of New York City; in pathology, by Dr. Flexner, of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research; in economic and social sci-