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PSM V73 D132 The annual average ratio of deaths by homicide in chicago 1901-06.png

The annual average ratio of deaths by homicide in Chicago, as given in the table, is, for the six years 1901-06, 7.30 per 100,000 of inhabitants. The minimum for these years was 5.23, in 1901; the maximum was 9.26, in 1905, the ratio for 1906 being 9.17. The maximum for San Francisco was 11.90, in 1902; and for Cleveland, 8.57, in 1906. From these figures it may be seen that the "carnival of crime" in Chicago, in 1906, did not by any means place the Windy City in the lead as a "Scarlet City." While it is true that crimes of violence are increasing in Chicago faster than the growth of population, the augmentation has been gradual, and no greater, relatively, than in Philadelphia. Cincinnati. Cleveland. Louisville, Los Angeles