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We record with regret the deaths of Dr. Charles Harrington, professor of hygiene in the Harvard Medical School and chairman of the Massachusetts State Board of Health; of the Earl of Rosse, F.R.S., who, like his father, made valuable contributions to astronomy; of M. E. Mascart, since 1871 director of the French Meteorological Office, and of General J. F. Nery Delgado, for many years director of the Geological Survey of Portugal.

The Academy of Sciences at Turin has awarded its Riberi prize of the value of $4,000 to Professor Bosio, of Turin, for his discoveries' in relation to the biological reactions to arsenic, tellurium and selenium.—The British Ornithologists' Union will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in December next, when gold medals will be presented to the four surviving original members: Dr. F. Du Cane Godman, F.R.S., Mr. P. S. Godman, Mr. W. H. Hudleston, F.R.S., and Dr. P. L. Sclater, F.R.S.

Professor L. H. Bailey has been given leave of absence from the directorship of the College of Agriculture of Cornell University to devote his time to the chairmanship of the commission appointed by President Roosevelt to investigate the conditions of rural life. The other members of the commission are: Henry Wallace, of Wallace's Farmer, Des Moines, la.; President Kenyon L. Butterfield, of the Massachusetts Agricultural College; Gifford Pinchot, chief of the Forest Service, and Walter H. Page, editor of the World's Work.—Dr. Charles H. Judd, professor of psychology at Yale University, has been elected dean of the school of education and head professor of the department of education at the University of Chicago, the appointment to take effect at the close of the present academic year.

The Berlin Academy of Sciences has received a legacy of $7,500,000 from Herr Samson, a banker of that city.—M. Henri Becquerel has bequeathed $20,000 to the Paris Academy of Sciences in memory of his grandfather and his father, who were members of the academy.