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very considerable amount of valuable material. About this time the Long expedition was being organized, and Baldwin was recommended to act as botanist for the party. His health was delicate and the appointment was accepted in the hopes that it would be improved by the journey.

Baldwin joined the other members of the scientific staff at Pittsburg and embarked upon the steamer which was to take the expedition to Council Bluffs. This being the early days of steamboating, the one used by the expedition gave more than ordinary trouble and caused

PSM V73 D500 William Baldwin.png
Fig. 2. Dr. William Baldwin; from Darlington's "Reliquiæ Baldwinianæ."

vexatious delays. According to the letters of Baldwin it also leaked continually, and this made the interior damp and totally unsuited for such a prolonged voyage. Baldwin's health constantly grew worse, and even while descending the Ohio River the party halted to allow him to recover from an attack of illness, and he was forced to depend upon the others to bring specimens to him on the boat, as he had not sufficient strength to walk any considerable distance. St. Louis was finally reached on June 9 and a stop of several days was made. The voyage