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I N D E X.

Aborigines, Prehistoric, of Minnesota and their Migrations, N. H. Winchell 207
Administration, Academic Aspects of, Joseph Jastrow 326
Administrative Methods in American Universities 93
Aerial Navigation 381
Aerodrome, Langley's, Experiments with, S. P. Langley 462
Alban and Mitla, Monte, as the Tourist sees them, Charles Joseph Chamberlain 392
American, Association, the Hanover Meeting of the 96
"Summer Meeting at Dartmouth College 189
"Education, the Specialist Blight on, James P. Munroe 340
"Universities, Administrative Methods in 93
Aquatic, Animals, Photography of, in their Natural Environment 382
"Farming: a System of, Herbert Osborn 85
Arnot, Raymond H., The Industries of Niagara Falls 306
Athletes, Scholars and the Average Student, the Physique of, D. A. Sargent 248
Attraction, Social, The Laws of, Simon N. Patten 354

Bacteriological Study of Soiled Paper Money, Warren W. Hilditch 157
Bawden, H. Heath, The Philosophy called Pragmatism 61
Biology, Modern, Aspects of, T. D. A. Cockerell 540
Botanical Gardens of Ceylon, Frances Ramaley 193
Botany, A Biographical History of, at St. Louis, Missouri, Perley Spaulding 488
Boyden Department of the Harvard College Observatory 94
Branner, John C, Loyalty 549
British Association, The Dublin Meeting of 477
Brown, Orville Harry, A Physiological Problem, Enzymes 81

Canadian Wheat, John Waddell 523
Case, E. C., A Great Permian Delta and its Vertebrate Life, with Restorations by the Author 557
Celibate Education To-day, E. S 423
Ceylon, Botanical Gardens of, Frances Ramaley 193
Chamberlain, Charles Joseph, Monte Alban and Mitla as the Tourist sees them 392
Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder, Soil Wastage 5
Chicago and Greater New York, Crimes of Violence in, Maynard Shipley 127
Classification of Mathematics, G. A. Miller 319
Cockerell, T. D. A., Florissant, a Miocene Pompeii 112
"Modern Aspects of Biology 540
College Standardization, W. Le Conte Stevens 528
Congresses, International, and Permanent International Bureaus 191
Conservation of Energy, The History of, the Age of the Earth and the Sun, Florian Cajori 97
Crampton, Henry E., Zoology 441
Crimes of Violence in Chicago and in Greater New York, Maynard Shipley 127
Crops, The Rotation of, Samuel Fraser 403

Dartmouth College and the Summer Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 189
Dean, John Candee, Count Rumford 32
Democracy, the Public School Teacher in a, Henry R. Linville 413
Doctorates conferred by American Universities 380
Dublin Meeting of the British Association 477

Earth and the Sun, the Age of, and the History of the Conservation of Energy, Florian Cajori 97
Education, American, the Specialist Blight on, James P. Munroe 340
"Celibate, E. S 423
Energy, The History of the Conservation of, and the Age of the Earth and the Sun, Florian Cajori 97
Enzymes: A Physiological Problem, Orville Harry Brown 81