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I N D E X.

Adaptive Radiation, Paleontologic Evidences of, Henry Fairfield Osborn 77
Agassiz, Alexander, Alfred Goldsborough Mayer 419
Agricultural Graphics 515
Alexander Agassiz—An Autograph Letter 515
Alligator, The Home of the, A. M. Reese 365
Anatomy and Physiology in Invertebrate Extinct Organisms, Rudolf Ruedemann 142
Arithmetics, A Unique Collection of, Louis Karpinski 226
Avian Disease, Bacteriology and Parasitology in relation to, George Edward Gage 186

Bailey, E. H. S., When does Food become a Luxury? 590
Barrows, David P., Ilongot or Ibilao Luzon 521
Beach, Walter G., The Danger of Unskill 178
Bingham, Hiram, The Characteristics of the South American To-day 582
Birds, Instinct and Intelligence in, Francis H. Herrick 82
Birds, Instinct and Intelligence in, Francis H. Herrick 122
Birthplace of Man, S. W. Williston 594
"John C. Merriam 597
Boggess, Arthur Clinton, European Conditions affecting Emigration 570
Breeding, Plant, The Rôle of Selection in, Edward M. East 190
"of Hybridization, Edward M. East 342
Brewer, Professor, Death of 619

Carlton, Frank T., Modern Medievalism 56
Carver, T. N., Professor Norton's Law of Progress 510
Centralized Authority and Democracy in Our Higher Institutions, Edwin D. Starbuck 264
Child Study, E. A. Kirkpatrick 482
Clark, George Archibald, The Much Misunderstood Fur Seals of Bering Sea 465
Clark, William Bullock, Contributions to Morphology from Paleontology 145
Clarke, John M., Paleontology and Isolation 338
Classics and the College Course, John J. Stevenson 554
Cleghorn, Allen, The Natural History and Physiology of Hibernation 356
Climate, Paleontologic Evidences of, T. W. Stanton 67
Cockerell, T. D. A., The Future of the Human Race 19
College Course, Classics and the, John J. Stevenson 554
Collins, Jos. V., Mathematical Definitions in Text-books and Dictionaries 457
Comparative Psychology in America 311
Congresses, Scientific, National and International 414
Conservation Congress, Address before William H. Taft 313
Continuity of Development, W. D Matthew 473
"T. Wayland Vaughan 478
Crampton, Henry E., Two Active Volcanoes of the South Seas 603
Culture, Parasitic, George E. Dawson 256
Cumings, E. R., Paleontoloy and the Recapitulation Theory 298
Cure, The Nature of Disease and its, James Frederick Rogers 61

Dawson, George E., Parasitic Culture 256
Deaths among American Men of Science 206
Dee, John, and his "Fruitful Preface," Mary Esther Trueblood 236
Definitions, Mathematical, in Textbooks and Dictionaries, Jos. V. Collins 457
Democracy and Centralized Authority in Our Higher Institutions, Edwin D. Starbuck 264
Development, Continuity of, W. D. Matthew 473
"T. Wayland Vaughan 478
Disease, the Nature of and its Cure, James Frederick Rogers 61
Distance and Middle Running, Chas. E. Hammett 28
Distribution of American Men of Science 616
Dreams, Symbolism of, Havelock Ellis 42

Earthquake of May 26, 1909, J. A. Udden 154