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Table II. indicates the comparative distribution of grades A-E for the three groups—elementary, intermediate and advanced.


Harvard College

Distribution of all Grades for Two Academic Years

Totals %A %B %C %D %E No. of Grades
Group I. 7 20 42 21 7 8,969
Group II. 12 28 37 13 4 2,426
Group III. 36 38 13 2 2 476

Not only are there extreme variations among different courses, but there are variations in the same courses from year to year that can not be accounted for, apparently, by any of our scientific studies in the

PSM V78 D401 Harvard college grade statistics 3.png

distribution of abilities among human beings. Fig. 5 shows the per cent, of As and the per cent, of Bs given in each of 53 courses at Harvard

PSM V78 D401 Harvard college grade statistics 4.png

College for 1906-07 contrasted with the same data concerning the same courses for the following year. The data are taken from the published rank lists and from the enrollment in courses as given