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professor of hygiene and physical education at Amherst College; of Professor Frank J. Phillips, head of the department of forestry in the University of Nebraska; of Dr. Walter Remsen Brinckerhoff, assistant professor of pathology in the Harvard Medical School; of Dr. Aloysius Oliver Joseph Kelly, assistant professor of medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, and of Professor J. H. van't Hoff, eminent for his contributions to physical chemistry.

The congress has passed a bill to retire Commander Robert E. Peary, with the rank and pay of a rear-admiral and to extend to him the thanks of congress.—Sir William H. White has been awarded the John Fritz medal for 1911, for "notable achievements in naval architecture," by the national societies of civil, mining, mechanical and electrical engineering. The first award was made in 1905 to Lord Kelvin, and subsequently to Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas A. Edison, George Westinghouse, Charles Porter and Alfred Noble.—Various honors have teen conferred on Dr. Paul Ehrlich, director of the Institute for Experimental Therapeutics at Frankfort, whose work was the subject of an article in the last issue of the Monthly. The Emperor of Russia has conferred on him the Order of St. Anne First Class, with a badge set in diamonds. The King of Spain has bestowed on him the Grand Cross of the Order of Alfonso XII. The German Emperor has nominated him a member of the senate of the recently founded Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science; on this body he is the only representative of medicine. The St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Therapeutics has elected him an honorary member. The municipal authorities of Buenos Aires have given Professor Ehrlich 's name to a street in the suburb of San Fernando.

M. Auguste Loutrefil has bequeathed $700,000 to the Paris Academy of Sciences, $500,000 to the University of Paris and $20,000 to the Pasteur Institute. Herr Leopold Koppel, a Berlin banker, has given $175,000 for the erection of a research institute for physical chemistry in Berlin and will make a further gift of $87,500 extended over the next ten years for maintenance.—It is announced that Professor Hans Meyer has presented 150,000 Marks to the University of Leipzig for the laboratory of experimental psychology established by Professor Wilhelm Wund.