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Fifteenth Century and Earlier
Statue Now in Unearthed in
Apollo Belvedere Rome fifteenth century?
Boy with thorn Rome before 1471
Venus—Medicean Florence (?) (Müntz)
Sixteenth Century
Aphrodite (Knidian) Rome before 1700
"Dying Gladiator " Rome sixteenth century
Fighting Persian Rome 1514
Laocoön Rome 1506
Belvedere Torso Rome sixteenth century
Idolino Florence 1530
Sleeping Ariadne Rome sixteenth century
Artemis—Versailles Louvre sixteenth century
"Germanicus" Louvre sixteenth century?
Arringatore Florence sixteenth century?
Wrestlers Florence 1583
Hermes Belvedere Rome about 1542
Silenos and Dionysos Louvre sixteenth century
Niobe Florence 1583
llioneus Munich 1556-63
Niobid Rome sixteenth century
Seventeenth Century
Fighter of Agasias Louvre 1605-21
Venus Genetrix Louvre about 1650
Faun—Barberini Munich 1623-44
Ares resting Rome before 1633
Venus of Aries Louvre 1651
Eighteenth Century
Discobolus of Myron Rome 1791?
Pericles (?)—bust Museum 1781
Spear-bearer of Polykleitus Naples 1797
Faun—Capitol Rome 1701
Mercury resting Naples 1758
Antinotis Rome eighteenth century
Venus—Capitol Rome 1752
Venus—Capua Naples 1756
Venus—crouching Rome 1760
Aktaion—attacked British Museum 1774
Apollo with the lizard Rome 1777
Zeus—Otricoli Rome end of century
Apollo with the lyre Rome 1774
Clio Rome 1774
Thalia Rome 1774
Standing Discobolus Rome 1792
Discobolus British Museum 1791