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PSM V79 D199 Double trains observed at the palisades observatory ny.png

Fig. 4. Double Trains observed at the Palisades Observatory, N. Y. The trains are drawn as they appeared in a telescope; the double appearance is probably due to greater luminosity on the border of the train.

Among the astronomers who have made important observations of these trains are Mr. W. F. Denning, of Bristol, England, the acknowledged authority on meteors; the late Professor A. S. Herschel, who died about two years ago, the last of the three great Herschels; and a number of other well known astronomers, members of a committee especially organized by the British Astronomical Association for the observation and study of meteors. On the European continent Professors J. F. J. Schmidt and G. Von Niessl have contributed a great deal to the subject of meteoric astronomy. In the United States the late

PSM V79 D199 Comet like train observed nov 14 1901.png

Fig. 5. Comet-like Train seen by Professor E. E. Barnard, November 14, 1901. A as it appeared at 3:10 a. m., B at 3:40 a.m. The drawings are copies of sketches sent to the author by the observer.