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its quarters and has now again moved to a new site on Broadway and 156th Street, adjacent to the fine buildings of the Hispanic Society of America and the American Numismatic and Archeological Society. It has now a beautiful site by the Hudson River in one of the scientific centers of the city. It is unfortunate that all the institutions devoted to higher education, science and letters could not have been placed in one center, but they are at all events in large measure connected by the subway on the west side of the city.

By the courtesy of Mr. F. S. Dellenbaugh, the secretary of the society, we are able to print here some illustrations showing the exterior and interior of the admirable new building, which has been occupied by the society since May. It is built of Indiana limestone in the style of the Italian Renaissance, conforming to the other buildings on the ground. There are four stories and a basement; the stack rooms form the western part of the building, being placed on six floors. The whole building is admirably designed for the purposes of a geographical society, being completely fire-proof, with ample light on all sides. It will provide a permanent home for the library and collections of the society and for its educational and scientific work.


We regret to record the deaths of Professor Benjamin Franklin Thomas, professor of physics in the Ohio State

PSM V79 D315 In the hallway of the american geographical society building.png