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for care and depreciation is much larger than the salaries paid to the teachers and investigators who occupy the building. The writer has good reason to remember well the old Biological Hall of the University of Pennsylvania. It cost perhaps $30,000; it was likely not only to burn down but to tumble down. Yet in that building some twenty years ago worked Leidy, Cope and Ryder, with two other professors in the zoological sciences, two professors of botany and a professor of psychology, all actively engaged in research work. Our universities doubtless need big buildings, but the need of great men is far more urgent.


We record with regret the deaths of the Rev. Henry C. McCook, of Philadelphia, known for his publications on popular entomology; of M. Louis-Joseph Troost, the eminent French chemist; of Professor August Michel-Levy, the distinguished French geologist; of M. Alfred Binet, director of the psychological laboratory of the University of Paris; of Dr. Wilhelm Dilthey, formerly professor of philosophy in the University of Berlin; of Dr. J. Hughlings-Jackson, F.R.S., eminent English neurologist, and of Professor Florentino Ameghino, the well known paleontologist and director of the Museo Nacional in Buenos Aires.

Mr. Andrew Carnegie has given $25,000,000 to the Carnegie Corporation of New York, incorporated by the legislature last June. The objects of the corporation are "receiving and maintaining a fund or funds and applying the income thereof to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding among the people of the United States, by

PSM V79 D623 First floor plan of the zoological lab at the u of pennsylvania.png
Plan of the First Floor of the Zoological Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania.