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in scientific research, but rather to ally with the association all who are interested in scientific progress. Those who might like to become members of the association and attend the Washington meeting, should communicate with Dr. L. O. Howard, permanent secretary, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. The third object of the association is to unite those engaged in scientific research and those interested in science in an organization that will advance the interests of science and of scientific men. Fortunately these interests are coterminous with the interests of all the people, as the greater the advance of science the greater the benefit to all.


Washington is in many ways an admirable place for a large scientific meeting. There is much of interest in the city, both in its scientific establishments and in other directions. It is within reach of the chief centers of the country, and the climate is comparatively pleasant at this time of the year. But there are no places for the meetings so satisfactory as are offered by our larger universities. Within the last year there has, however, been a great advance in this direction by the completion of the new building of the United States National Museum. It possesses one good-sized lecture room in which the opening exercises and public lectures may be held, and the collections are a great attraction.

When the Smithsonian Institution was organized in 1846 congress entrusted to it the care of the national collections, and later undertook to provide for the maintenance of the museum and of the library. An adequate building for the National Library was built some years ago, and the new building for the National Museum has this year been completed, and the collections have been installed. The museum building covers a greater area than any other government structure in Washington, except the Capitol, and it is satisfactory that two of the most beautiful and well-arranged buildings

PSM V80 D105 Ground plan of the national museum 1912.png
Ground Plan of the National Museum.