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conducting to a successful termination this truly great exposition. By no means the least that can be said of it is that it proved to be a financial as well as a scientific and philanthropic success.

A General View of the Exposition Grounds

The exposition grounds cover in all an area of 320,000 square meters, of which 70,000 square meters are occupied by buildings, 72 in all, large and small. This immense area was contributed partly by the "Grosse Garten," partly by the Royal Botanical Garden, the park of Price John George and the Dresden Commons. The Lenné-Strasse, dividing this area, was bridged over. One of the first serious difficulties in planning with which the Dresden architects were confronted was to so distribute their buildings that the large fine old linden trees in these various parks should not be damaged. This difficulty they succeeded in overcoming to perfection. They distributed the various buildings in such a manner as to make the trees serve as a rich green background for them, thus, at the same time, avoiding rigid geometrical lines and producing, instead, a most picturesque effect.

The main entrance to the grounds consists of three rows of large and imposing columns, covered in above. Passing through these columns, and to the right of the main entrance we find the administration building which houses the various offices of the director, assistant directors, the post offices, the fire department and the sanitary and red cross companies, all excellently and most efficiently organized; to the left stands a very large structure containing the assembly hall, intended for the meetings for the large number of congresses that met in Dresden during the summer, the various exposition halls for school hygiene and the care of children, exhibition rooms for dental hygiene, tropical hygiene and chemical industries, for infectious and venereal diseases.

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Main Entrance from within.