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A number of smaller buildings, devoted to various purposes, such as the care of the crippled, the housing of the poor, sylvan burial of the dead, the rearing of various species of rabbits for food purposes, a model stable for cows and clean milk production, form the outskirts of this part of the exhibition grounds.

Passing now over the bridge across the Lenné-Strasse which separates the two main divisions of the exhibition grounds, we may either climb the few steps that lead up to the bridge or simply step on the inclined surface of a sidewalk, in constant motion, carrying passengers up at the expense of two and one half cents. The bridge leads the visitor over into the second great division of the grounds. Here we find, on the right, the large hall for occupational hygiene, on the left the power-house; facing the visitor is the gigantic hall marked "Settlement and Habitation,"

PSM V80 D114 Hygiene exhibition main building.png
Main Building.

one of the richest, so far as contents are concerned, of the whole exhibition. Passing the music stand and turning to the left, we have, on the left, an Abyssinian village; on the right several small and large restaurants and enter a large open space having on one side the large hall devoted to the hygiene of clothing and the general care of the body, on the other the hall exhibiting nutrition, dietetics and food stuffs, while facing us, in the distance, there is the large oval for sports with its stadium, music stand, grandstand, restaurant and sport laboratory, as well as the immense swimming tank called "Undosa." In this swimming tank, artificial waves about three feet high are produced by mechanical means and the bather gets the benefit of an open air bathing resort nearer at home.

The sport laboratory is fitted out with all sorts of scientific instruments and apparatuses to investigate scientifically the effects of physical exercise on the human body, especially on heart and lungs. A gymna-