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H. Carrière, W. Kolle, Ost and Schaffer were members. Of quite special interest to military men was a new and quite well-adapted wheeled army field-litter,

Spain.—Spain had erected a neat-looking pavilion, the exhibits consisting for the most part of graphic and pictorial wall charts, statistical tables, etc., very artistically arranged. Drs. Pulido and Chicote, the Spanish representatives, received their commissions too late to enable them to collect a more representative exhibit. The exhibits nevertheless showed that Spain is awake to the progress in all departments of hygiene, plainly demonstrating its keen interest by its participation in the exposition in Dresden.

Hungary.—The visitor to the exposition would hardly have looked for a special pavilion representing Hungary after having seen the one erected by Austria. But so great was the interest of the Hungarian government in the exposition and its high aims at Dresden, so much had been done there in recent years to improve the hygienic conditions of its people and its institutions and so different from those of other countries were the hygienic requirements of Hungary, that the Hungarian exhibits, many of which were quite original, aroused and sustained the interest which they so well deserved. The special catalogue and guide, by Professor Emil von Grosz, covering 48 pages, must be allowed to speak for the rich collection seen in this pavilion. Special sympathy was aroused with the visitor on the subject of those institutions which were devoted to the governmental care of abandoned children. The Hungarian people believe that every abandoned child has a right to be cared for by the community.

United States.—If absence, ever before, was conspicuous anywhere, it was the absence of a United States pavilion at the exposition at

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The Russian Pavilion.