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PSM V80 D210 Edwin Brant Frost.pngDr. Edwin B. Frost,
Director of the Yerkes Observatory, Vice-president for Mathematics and Astronomy.


There is no decline in the birth rate of university presidents. Within a few months President Vincent has been installed at the University of Minnesota, President Brown at New York University, President Murlin at Boston University, President Hodges at the University of West Virginia, President Benton at the University of Vermont and President Bowman at PSM V80 D210 Charles S Howe.pngDr. Chas. S. Howe,
President of the Case School of Applied Science, Vice-president for Mechanical Science and Engineering.
the State University of Iowa. The deadlock at Princeton University has been broken by the election of Dr. John Grier Hibben, Stuart professor of logic, after the offer of the position had been declined by Dr. J. M. T. Finney, the Baltimore surgeon. PSM V80 D210 Robert Andrews Millikan.pngDr. Robert A. Millikan,
Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Chicago, Vice-president for Physics.
It seems that any one who has attended one of these functions of installation, where many presidents gather on the stage, must have noticed the diversity of type, the scholar and the politician, the man of science and the promoter, the hereditary gentleman and the climber, all being in evidence. A gift for oratory seems to be almost the only common trait and even here the variety is more noticeable than the similarity.

One may wonder what trait or accident