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spirit. Some of his work, indeed, appears hasty and ill-considered, and its value seriously marred by a partisan and contentious maintenance of theoretic conclusions which most paleontologists have found it impossible to accept. Ameghino regarded the age of the later formations of Argentina as much greater than his confrères in Europe and North America could admit, and maintained views in regard to the phylogeny and derivation of the Tertiary faunæ, which, however skilfully defended, are not likely to find acceptance. But these peculiarities of theory and temperament should not blind us to the immense value and interest of his discoveries, nor to the vast learning and indefatigable industry with which they were brought before the scientific world. Nor should they prevent due meed of admiration to his enthusiasm and energy and sincere love of science. It is pleasant to record that even in his earlier years he had won his way to the high respect and honor of his fellow citizens and to an admittedly high standing abroad. He occupied for a time the chair of zoology and comparative anatomy in the University of Cordoba, and in 1886 was appointed secretary and sub director of the La Plata Museum, but resigned this post two years later owing to differences with the director, Señor F. P. Moreno, and for ten or twelve years afterwards seems to have held no important official positions. In 1903 when the directorship of the Museo Nacional of Buenos Aires became vacant, Señor Ameghino was appointed to this honorable post. Under his direction the museum has shown great vigor and activity, while his researches bore fruit in a series of publications, now

PSM V80 D309 Rivadia stationer shop in la plata.png

Fig. 2. The "Rivadavia" Stationer's Shop in La Plata.

Courtesy of Professor W. B. Scott.
From the management of this business Ameghino secured the means to carry on his great researches in Argentine paleontology, and to maintain numerous expeditions 'by his brother Carlos into central and southern Patagonia.