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PSM V80 D313 Goose island.png
Goose Island.

temporary observatory in Argentina have been completed. The non-magnetic ship Carnegie has traversed some 25,000 miles, measuring magnetic declination at 252 different points. The Geophysical Laboratory has continued its work on the chemical and physical problems presented by the materials of the earth's crust. To the work in astronomy and geophysics the institution devotes considerably more than half its resources.

The nutrition laboratory and three departments devoted to the biological sciences each receive appropriations of somewhat over $30,000. The Desert Botanical Laboratory has found an interesting problem in the results following the drying up of the Salton Sea, and has carried on researches on the effects on plants of altitude, dryness and other factors. The Department of Marine Biology has constructed a yacht, named in honor of the founder of the Naples Botanical Station, which enables it to carry on work

PSM V80 D313 Scene at the desert laboratory.png
Scene at the Desert Laboratory.