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defect or disease. Class B, aliens not under class A, but who possess some defect or disease which is likely to interfere with the ability to earn a living. Class C, aliens who present a defect or disease of still lesser seriousness, not affecting ability to earn a living, but which none the less must be certified for the information of the immigration inspectors.

Under class A, the excluded, are listed idiots, imbeciles, the feebleminded, the epileptics, the insane, persons afflicted with tuberculosis of the respiratory, intestinal or genito-urinary tracts, and loathsome or dangerous contagious diseases. By contagious the law means communicable.

PSM V80 D392 Cosmopolitan group on the roof of the detention quarters.png
A Cosmopolitan Group on the Roof of the Detention Quarters.

Loathsome contagious diseases include those whose presence excites abhorrence in others, and which are essentially chronic, such as favus, ringworm of the scalp, parasitic fungus diseases, Madura foot, leprosy and venereal disease. Dangerous contagious diseases are such as trachoma, filariasis, hookworm infection, amœbic dysentery, and endemic hematuria.

Under class B, diseases and defects not in class A but which affect ability to earn a living, are such conditions as hernia, organic heart disease, permanently defective nutrition and muscular or skeletal development, many deformities, varicosities of the lower extremities, premature senescence and arterial degeneration, certain nervous diseases, chronic joint inflammations, poor vision and tuberculosis of the bones, skin or glands. The immigration law makes no distinction between