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PSM V80 D541 Mouth of fountain geyser yellowstone national park.png
Mouth of Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone; National Park.

Lake Park on a scale of one mile to the inch and of Yosemite Valley on a scale of 2,000 feet to the inch. Separate maps of the Sequoia and General Grant parks have not been published, but the topography of these parks is shown on the regular atlas sheets issued by the Geological Survey. A part of the field work has been completed on the maps of the Mount Rainier and Mesa Verde national parks and the surveys will be finished during the coming summer. These maps should be ready for the season of 1913. All of these maps are in three colors, the drainage being shown in blue, the relief in brown and the culture or works of man in black. In addition the Department of the Interior has prepared tourist-travel maps of the Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Crater Lake, Sequoia and General Grant national parks. These maps will be in black only and will be used as doable-page illustrations in

PSM V80 D541 Glacial boulder yellowstone national park.png
Glacial Boulder, Yellowstone National Park.