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The Late John Bernhardt Smith,

Professor of Entomology at Rutgers College and State Entomologist of New Jersey.

fifty papers, but a statement of some of the subjects may be of interest as showing the directions in which research work is now being conducted.

At the first session, papers were presented bearing on historical, political and philological subjects, for the Philosophical Society includes these also in its scope. This aspect of its work was indeed emphasized at the recent meeting, as the Henry M. Phillips prize of $2,000 was conferred on Charles H. Burr, Esq., for an essay on the treaty making power of the United States, and at the dinner, the principal address was made by Professor Moore, who in the usual eulogy of Franklin spoke of his work in diplomacy.

On the second day, the session opened with two papers on the inheritance of feeble-mindedness and epilepsy, by Dr. Goddard and Dr. Weeks, who have obtained results of scientific and practical importance. Dr. Stockard described for the first time experiments on the control of embryonic development, showing that when guinea-pigs are alcoholized, the offspring are greatly af-