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PSM V81 D472 Two striped locust or grasshopper.png
Fig. 1. Two-striped Locust or Grasshopper (Melanoplus bivittatus), Female. Fig. 2. Two-striped Locust or Grasshopper, Young Form. Representing stage best adapted to be killed by poisonous spray.
PSM V81 D472 Lesser migratory and differential locusts or grasshoppers.png
Fig. 3. Lesser Migratory Locust or Grasshopper (M. atlantis), Male. Fig. 4. Differential Locust or Grasshopper (M. differentialis), Male.
PSM V81 D472 Pellucid and the red legged locusts or grasshoppers.png
Fig. 5. Pellucid Locust or Grasshopper (Camnula pellucida), Male. Fig. 6. The Red-legged Locust or Grasshopper (M. femur-rubum).

PSM V81 D472 The short winged locust or grasshopper.png

Fig. 7. The Short-winged Locust or Grasshopper (Stenobothrus curtipennis), Male.