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PSM V85 D209 One of the buildings of the marine laboratory at woods hole.png

One of the Old Buildings of the Marine Biological Laboratory.

of a national university; increased national support of instruction in agriculture and domestic economy, such as congress has provided in this session; federal legislation in regard to child labor, marriage and divorce; for instruction favoring international good will and against military training in the schools; the use of the public school houses and grounds as social and recreation centers for the community; school district parks with instruction in gardening; vocational training and vocational guidance; instruction in sex hygiene in normal schools, but not in public schools, and the acceptance by the college of the education supplied by the high school. The association is naturally in favor of increased salaries for teachers and it endorses equal pay for equal work by men and women.

This year a resolution was passed condemning the activities of the General Education Board and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Like the recent action of congress in forbidding cooperation between the Department of Agriculture and the General Education Board and in refusing a charter to Mr. Rockefeller's new foundation, this may in part be due to antagonism to men whose names have been associated with business methods and results which are no longer approved. But there is a wide-spread aversion to the meddling of these corporations with public education, or even lo their dictating policies to other endowed institutions.

There was elected as president of the association for the next year, Dr. David Starr Jordan, from its establishment president and now chancellor of Stanford University, distinguished equally for his work in science, in education and for social progress.



In his address as president of the British Eugenics Education Society given at the annual meeting held in London on July 2, Major Darwin said that as citizens they must aid in the