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The first meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science west of the Rocky Mountains is an event of more than usual importance for science in America. It signifies both the development of a great scientific center on the Pacific Coast and the unity of the scientific interests of the country. It is also the case that the disastrous events in Europe will probably give the United States the leadership in scientific research and in the application of science to the advancement of civilization, and in a sense this new position and responsibility will date from the Pacific Coast meeting of the American Association and its affiliated societies.

It will be remembered that the March issue of The Popular Science Monthly was devoted to the scientific work of the Pacific Coast and at that time there were given accounts of the organization of the Pacific Division of the American Association and of the national meeting to be held this summer in California. It is now needful only to remind readers of these events, and to urge the importance of a large attendance from all parts of the country.

The opening session for the presentation of the addresses of welcome, for announcements and for the presidential address by Dr. W. W. Campbell, director of the Lick Observatory, will be held in San Francisco at 10:00 o'clock, Monday morning, August 2, in the Scottish Rite Auditorium, corner Sutter Street and Van Ness Avenue. The social reception to visitors will occur on Monday evening in the reception rooms of the California Host Building, Exposition Grounds. The general sessions of the association, including three lectures on Pacific region subjects, will be held in San Francisco in the Scottish Rite Auditorium on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. The sessions of the association and of the affiliated societies on Wednesday, August 4, will be at Stanford University. It is expected that a special train will leave San Francisco at a convenient hour Wednesday morning for Palo Alto and return to San Francisco late in the afternoon. All other sessions of the week will be held at the University of California, in Berkeley.

The general headquarters of the association during convocation week, August 2 to 7, will be in the Hearst Mining Building, on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Secondary offices will be maintained: in San Francisco from Saturday noon, July 31, to Friday noon, August 6, in the Palace Hotel; in San Francisco on Monday forenoon, August 2, in the Scottish Rite Building, Sutter Street and Van Ness Avenue; and in Stanford University on Wednesday, August 4. Members will secure badges and programs upon registration. Mail addressed in care of the Hearst Mining Building, University of California, will be delivered as promptly as possible to those who have registered.

Several of the affiliated societies have announced selections of hotel headquarters as follows:

American Astronomical Society and the American Mathematical Society, Hotel Claremont, Berkeley.
American Physical Society, Hotel Claremont, Berkeley.
Geological Society of America, Paleontological Society of America and Seismological Society of America, Hotel Shattuck, Berkeley.