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Popular Science Monthly


Volume 88, January-June, 1916


The Death Toll of Our Misspent Aeronautic

Appropriation 90

A Spanish Lesson in Aeronautics 1 08

50,000 Bird Men Now Are Flying 248

Government Manufacture of Aeroplanes — A Na- tional Menace! 249

Aeroplane Drift 265

Delivering Mail by Aeroplane 341

Destroyers of the Air 351

Nine Thousand German Aeroplanes 368

A Pigmy Zeppelin 483

Destroyers of the Air 537

Militia Aero Corps 644

Captive Balloon Teaches a Lesson 693

Catapulting Seaplanes from Battleships 713

Punctured Zeppelins 882

Air Raids Involve Problems Hard to Solve 897


Monument Built to An Apple Tree 19

Giving a Pear Tree New Roots 55

Farming on a Precipice 63

How Gulls Help the Farmer 78

A Hog-Pen That Counts Hogs 105

A Feed Hopper for Chickens . Ill

A Trolley for the Stable Lamp 112

Lady Eglantine: The One-Hundred Thousand

Dollar Hen 324

Simplifying the Inspection of Farm Produce 385

A Dollar Made of Corn 391

Straw-Stacker Does Away with Man and Pitchfork 504

Making a Hen Lay Self- Preserving Eggs 507

A Whole Garden Kit in One Tool 565

Digging Fence-Post Holes by Means of a New

Machine 565

Stretching the Wire Taut 566

For Gathering Fallen Fruit 566

Taking the Bump Out of the Barrow 567

Making a Disk-Sled of a Harrow 567

Fertilizing Two Rows at Once 574

An Automatic Animal Fire Escape 652

Teaching Hens Good Manners 667

Poison Gas for American Pests 735

Hog-Power in the Hog-Pen 740

Maud Muller Up to Date 746

Rough on the Hen — but Useful . . '. 757

Keeping the Cow's Tail Out of the Milk Pail .... 758

An Ear-Corn Feeder for Hogs 793

Trench-Digging by Machinery 830

A New Powerful Farm-Tractor 857

Drying Cattle Hides in a Broiling Tropical Sun. . . 862


An Ancient Wooden Leg 29

Was This the Tower of Babel? 89


Is Mars Alive? 188

Why Is the Sun Hot 390

Measuring the Light of the Stars 824


An Armless Man Drives a Car at Racer's Speed . . 8

Imitation Hand Signals a Turn 9

An Automobile Show Case 24

Using an Automobile as a Winch 28

A Jack-of-all-Tradcs Truck 53

A Need for Electiic Rickshaws 53

��Cripple Makes a Fortune with Tri-Car; Then Runs Page

for City Council 58

Logging with Tiactors in the Maine Woods. . . 67

A Sleigh Motorcycle 75

Keeping the Motorcycle Busy 75

Indicator Tells Puisuing Police Speed of Auto- mobile 75

Ingenious Slide Rule for Motoiists 76

Maud, the Motor Mule, on Our Cover 87

A Gasoline Field Kitchen 93

Motoi Car Bodies of 1916 — Good and Bad 98

Adapting Tire Inflaticn to the Load 104

Don't Decarbonize Aluminum Pistons I iO

Cleaning New York's Snow-Clogged Streets with

Motor-Trucks 165

Tearing Up Rails with a Motor-Truck 168

A Motor-Cycle Converted into a Motor Sled. ... 169

A Mile-a-Minute with an Air-Driven Sled 184

A Novel French Motor Tricycle Sweeper 210

A Racing Car Built of Tires 223

And Now Comes the Front- Wheel Drive Motor- Cycle 260

Making a Tire Casing 261

Josef Hoffman Invents a Pneumatic Shock Ab- sorber 262

An Improvised Trouble Light for Motorists 266

Adjustable Auto Foot-Pedal for Short Drivers. . . . 268

Extra Seat for Ford Cars Hangs on Door 268

Folding Motor Bucket Is Also Game Bag 268

Switch Detects Bad Ignition 294

Motoring on Skiis 334

Protecting the Motorist on Dark Roads 336

A Trolley Company Which Repairs Automobiles

Damaged by Its Cars 342

Spreading Sand Over Oiled Roads by a Motor

Attachment 368

A Convenient Step for Automobiles 369

Pull Yourself Out of the Mud 369

A Cold or Wet Weather Suggestion for Motor- cyclists 371

Automobile and Tractor, Too 371

Running a Newspaper Plant with an Automobile. 382

An Automobile Machine-Shoo for the Battlefield. 392

A Steel Hill to Test Automobiles 393

A Military Automobile from Fittings 409

This Automobile Signal Takes the Place of Your

Hand When Rounding a Corner 410

A Novel British Piston Ring 411

Delia the Motor Duck 422

Vulcanizer for Tire Repairs on the Road 433

An Electric Heater in the Garage Makes Cranking

Easy 455

Small Motor-Trucks Deliver Coal Cheaply 488

Motor-Cycle Helps Light a Town 494

Gaiters to Protect the Spring-Leaves of Auto- mobiles 505

A Quaint Advertising Automobile 508

Gravity-Flow Gasoline Supply Station 508

A Portable Wrecking-Truck 508

Woman Invents a Lite-Saving Device 509

Motor-Testing Up to Date 510

Convenient Flashlight for the Automobilist 535

An Automobile Converted into a Railway Ore- Tractor 541

With a Trans-Continental Burromobile 542

Gasoline Horses tor Small Farms 545

Shelter-Top for London's 'Bus Riders 559

A Detachable Motor for Bicycles 560

Why the Automobile "Goes Dead" 564

Attaching Tires to Their Rims Easily 572

Taking Off the Tire in a JilTy 574

Small Racing Automobiles for Boys 581

Interchangeable Motor-Car Grease-Capsules. . . . 586

A Disappearing Automobile Top 587

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