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��present marrcfl by an unsightly gash, is to be restored through the complete roofing of the railroad cut and the park- ing of the reclaiined area.

The city authorities insisted that the railroad company should turn most of its line into tunni'ls, and in most cases where tunnel construction is impossible on account of the slope of the land, should put the tracks in a covered subway care- fully adjusted to fit in with the topogra- phy of the park. The design is such that it will allow effective parking along the entire right-of-way. As part of the set- tlement the railroad company agrees to pay a sum sufficient to restore the park to the edge of the river. Within the covered section of the area above Cathedral Parkway the railroad will construct a yard to take care of the business needs of the Harlem section.

��Electrifying the Clam- Shell Bucket

ACLAM-SHKLL bucket opened and closed by an electric motor is an improvement in loading machinery now offered by a New York firm. The motor, an integral part of the bucket, opens and closes the two halves through the aid of hea\y chains. Should the bucket catch on a large stone in closing, a multiple-disk clutch comes into opera- tion, and by slipping prevents the stalling of the motor and injury. Cur- rent is supplied through the use of a heavy electric cable, which is kept out of the way and taut by the use of an automatic wind- ing drum, situated at a con- venient point on the crane, or derrick. The drum has a series of springs inside and operates like a shade-roller, at all times supplying just enough tension to keep the power wires well out ■ of the way. A controller of sim- ple design operated by a lever convenient to the hand of the operator regulates the amount of current supplied the motor.

The advantage of mounting a motor on the bucket lies in the greater simplicity secured. Only one block and tackle is needed, and that simply for raising and lowering the bucket. Ordinarily,

��In the lower elevated section the tracks will be placed so that there will be ami)lc room between the new line and the steamship piers to build a two-track structure for the use of other railroads later. These tracks may form part of the proposed cit\'-built West Side termi- nal. It will also be possible to provide railroad connections between the ele- vated structure and the second stories of the proposed new steamship piers.

The improvement represents an ex- penditure to the railroad company of something like fifty million dollars, and the city's loan contribution averages a little more than six million. When the park system is finished Manhattan Island will offer to the visitor within her gates the most highly improved and one of the most beautiful and costly pieces of land in the world.

��additional tackle is necessary to control the opening and closing. Of course the motor dispenses with this arrangement. Another advantage is that the bucket is quickly detached from the hook.

���Note the motor on the clam-shell bucket. It opens and closes the two halves of the bucket with the aid of heavy chains. A multiple-hook prevents slipping

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