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What Inventors Are Doini? for the Fisherman

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��Weedless artificial bait is shown in the upper left hand corner and above. The air-chamber and ballast cause the hollow metal fish to float horizontally. The wire spring holds the points of the double hook concealed within the body of the bait. A fish grasps the bait by the dorsal fin, de- pressing it, and the lug forces the points of the hook out of the slots into the fish's jaws. Many species of game fish fight shy of dorsal fins, grasping their prey more to the rear, but this bait is effective, nevertheless


��Above, automatic spring gaff trap which embeds barbed ends in the sides of the fish pulling the trigger


��Above, a lever- actuated trap hook which barbs the fish pulling the bait. The trap is op- erated entirely by leverage, the small spring at the pivot joint serving to keep the two hooks separated

At left, non- fouling connec- tor so construct- ed that the hook describes a com- plete circle with- out fouling the sinker

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��Above, the spring hooks are bent back and held set under a hollow wooden cap. A bite pulls the hooks down and the action of the spring forces them into the fish


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