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H(nisok(H'i)in<x Made Easy

���A wall-cahinit refriger- ator which holds bottles of three sizes

����A self-locking steel wall-cabinet

with three compartments for

perishable goods

���Pie-pan with a hole in the bottom increases heating capacity of the gas-stove burner

��At right, fork for lifting potatoes without breaking them. At left spoon with knife edge

��Convenient bedside tray or table attached to the bedpost

���Combination shelf and

clothes-drier for the


���Dish-drying rack of

wood which takes the

place of the unsanitary


��At right, silver spoon with liquid tube- handle for invalids. At left, diminutive wash-board for cleaning hand k e r - chiefs

����Bedroom laundry set with line, two glass- headed nails and six clothes-pins

��A round cake-box with

handled plate which

makes lifting easy

��A muffin-pan with' six or

twelve removable rings

to facilitate cleaning


�� �