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���Plan of motor serving two drives. Turning a bolt makes the shift

��One Geared Motor Serves Two Drives

THIS diagram illustrates a good method for making one geared motor serve two drives. Line up the two large gear-wheels No. i and No. 2, as shown in the diagram. Set the motor so that the motor-pinion falls between them. It must not engage both large gear-wheels at once. As shown here, the motor is driving machine No. i. By simply turning the shifting-bolts (usually there is only one shifting-bolt on a motor), the power is (]uickly a[)[)lied to gear-wheel No. 2 for driving machine No. 2.— N. G. Near.

A Pocket- Clip for Pencils

A (LIP for holding pencils and foun- tain-pens in the pocket can W made from a paper-fastener. One end of the fastener is straightened and wound tightly about the pen or pencil, while the other end lies flat in a lengthwise position.

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��Building an Oil Reservoir

ASIMPLL and useful outfit for the stf)rage of oil or other liciuids is shown in the illustration. A one-hun- dred-gallon range-boiler is shown at C; I '/4-inch air-pipe is connected to the simple pump shown and to the top of the tank (the unions A and B are of the ground-faced kind so that the pipes can be disconnected and laid aside when not in use). The oil barrel 6' is rolled into place and blocked with pieces H and //', the bung removed and the one-inch pipe connected as shown. The valve E is closed, of course. By working the hand- pump the air in the tank will be removed and the oil will flow in to take its place. D is an ordinary water-gage. An en- larged view of the pump is shown in Fig. 2. It is made from an ordinary bicycle pump. Note that the ^ leather cup is reversed as at /. Two /'2-inch check-valves are soldered over holes made in the pump body, since it is impera- ative that the valves be abso-

���A pencil clip is about the cheapest thing in the world to make

��Diagram of a home-built oil reservoir

lulel\' airtight. Tin- hard rubber com- position-washers should be re[)laced with soft rubber ones. In using the pumj) the plunger should be forced right down to the bottom. — J.\MES E. NoBLE.

Emptying a Bottle

THH contents of a bottle m,\\ be enip- lieil, drop by drop, if a in.itch stick bent to form a figure 7 is inserted, by the long end, in the bottle, and held in place. The liquid then runs along the in. Itch stick, when the bottle is tilted, and drops off the end of the stick.

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