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The Home Workbench

���Making a Washing-Machine From a Barrel

AVERY serviceable washing-machine can be made from an old barrel- churn whose capacity is from fifteen to twenty-five gallons. First construct, of heavy galvanized-iron, a cylinder about 30 ins. long and of the same diameter as the head of the churn. One end of this cylinder should be left open and the head of the churn, with its locking-de\icc, fastened to the open end. Find the balancing-point of the cylinder with the head on. Fasten the churn bearings on with rivets and solder to make a water- tight joint.

Make two screens of galvanized wire, with about i-in. mesh. One of these is suspended from the movable head by yi-\n. galvanized-iron rods, and the other is fastened in the cylinder, so that they are about 10 ins. apart and occupy the middle part of the cylinder.

In the diagrams i represents the cylin- der; 2, the movable head; 3, the brackets which hold it; 4, the bearings; 5, the frame supports; 6, the handle; 7, a small drain-cock; 8, the locking de- vice for the head; 9 and 10, the screens, and II, the rods that support the top one.


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��By fitting two galvanized-iron wire screens in a barrel-churn, a serviceable washing- machine can be made

��The action is, of course, the same as that of the churn, the clothes being con- fined between the screens; the water, surging back and forth thoroughly cleans them. — J. Frank Dwiggins.

���The simplicity of this tape is its chief

merit. When drawn up taut, a tiny ring

holds it securely in place

A Package Tie Made of Tape

RECOGNIZING that the string is best for tying a package of papers, it only remained for some one to work out a method of making a holding device that would not require making a knot and have something that would hold the papers tightly, yet be of such character that it could be quickly released.

This tie has been accomplished by a small ring placed on a piece of tape, the tape having knots in the ends to pre\ent the ring coming off. It is only nccessarj- to slip the looped end of the tape over the package and pull on one end of the tape. To release the holding grip, pull on the other end of the tape. The tapes are made up in various lengths to suit the packages. This invention will add to the efficiency of any office, at small expense.


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