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Meeting the Exigencies of War

���Wounded Tommies who will fight the battle of life here- after with artificial limbs held an athletic meet at Roe- hampton recently. This fel- low's right leg below the knee is artificial, but he cleared the chair with ease

��Above, a hastily constructed saw-mill behind the French trenches. Here lumber is cut for the various uses of trench life. Impromptu huts are built of it and it is much in demand for mining and tim- bering the dugouts which are in French hands today but which maybe German inhabi- ted in another twelve hours


��Above, burning wood for charcoal. This is supplied to the cooking staff for the bak- mg ovens and to the soldiers in the trenches for use in the little stoves which have proved to be great comforts. A "stump-burner" has been devised which is set over a stump and a burning process carried on for ten hours which reduces the stump to charcoal and heavy oils


��Above, running a hundred yards in thirteen seconds with an artificial right leg. This man did the trick after jumping over a half-dozen chairs, one after another. Commuters who make a busi- ness of running for trains would be proud of this record

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