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��whose father has been adoctor lefore him. Confidence in lim knows no bounds should his grandfather have followed the same calling. This is not a mere fatuous belief in hered- ity, but is based on the sup- )osed \alueof old prescription )ooks passed on from grand- father to grandson. At left, the attractive and deco- rative office of a prosperous Chinese physician in Peking. Below, drying medicinal herbs in a Shanghai courtyard. These are later made into medicine

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��are of eight forms, as follows: the arrow-head, blunt punctur- ing, spear-pointed, fusiform, round, capillary, long and thick. The point of insertion, the depth and the direction are all-important. The method is usually to dri\c the needle through the tlislended skin by a blow from a light mallet.

If he can get an old book of prescriptions from a retiring practitioner, so much the better for the Chinese doctor. He is now equipped to kill or cure, as chance or his ignorance may dictate. The doctor most en- titled to confidence in the sigiit of his couiitr\nien is the man

���Acupuncture. The skin is punctured with a needle until in some spots it has as many holes as a sieve

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