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���'Canal Boats" Which Are Real Water- Shoes

A\ Italian electrician, Luigi Risso, . of Genoa, has invented an ingenious form of water-shoe to which he gi\es the name "hydro ski." Compared with so-called water-shoes or skis already on the market it difTers in the method of propulsion. Unlike forms introduced in the past, the present shoes, which are canvas pontoons, are provided with two sets of cross arms or axles to which paddles are fitted at their extremities.

It will be noted in the illustration that the iiaddle is fastened to one pontoon by means of an eccentric axle, ami to the other pontoon by another eccentric

��The mechanism of the water-shoe, showing the mounting of the paddle wheel on the pontoons

axle. These axles are not in alinement, so that by shifting the weight of the body from one shoe to the other alter- nately, the paddle wheel is turned at a fair rate of speed with \ery little effort. Steering is facilitated b\- the use of a double-blade paddle, which also enabl3s the operator to maintain his balance.

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