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Uncle Sam's New Dam at Elephant Butte

��At right, the storage dam at Elephant Butte, New Mexico, built by the United States Reclamation Service for the irrigation of thousands of acres of desert land. The dam was completed May 13th at an estimated cost of five million dollars. It stores eight hundred and fifty-six million gallons of water

��In oval below, a general view of the dam looking East. The great body of water covers a complete range of low- lying hills and valleys several hundred feet deep. For the quantity of water stored it is said to be the greatest storage dam in the world. It holds enough water to cover the State of Coimecticut to a depth of ten inches

���Below, a view of the retain- ing wall, which is three hundred and eighteen feet high and one thousand six hundred and seventy-four feet wide. The Washing- ton Monument, if set at the outlet base of the dam, would rise above it only a bare two hundred feet

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