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��of them and inserting a wire pin. The eccentric is placed midway between the bearings. The ring is sHpped on the eccentric and the guide plates bolted fast. The Hy-wheel is assembled on the outside of the bearing and pinned on the same way.

Place the bearing support with its assembled parts in position on the base. Try the connecting rod to be certain it will connect properly, and mark the points for drilling holes in the base. These want to go all the way through. Battery or stove bolts are inserted from the bottom and the support is bolted down.

Since the connecting rod will have to lead the eccentric by a quarter turn the heavy side of the eccentric will need to be turned until it is on the back of the engine, or on the side with the inlet, when the position of the connecting rod end may be marked on the fly-wheel. This will be ^4 in. directly above the center of the shaft. A ^-in. hole is drilled at that point and a head iM. in. position

Next position


��fastens the connecting rod in

��assemble the slide valve in as well as the eccentric rod. These are bolted together on the outer end. Adjust the eccentric rod until the valves just cover the ports. When this is done lock it in place by means of the adjusting nuts. When all parts appear in their proper positions the cylinder may be permanently fastened in position by soldering them to the sheet-metal supports. Power for the engine may be secured from a boiler or radiator.

A Pully Made from Wax and Wire

A PULLEY for a small motor or other piece of apparatus can be very easily made by drilling a small hole through the shaft where the [nilky is to be located. A wire is put through


���:||i ,ii|, ,Benf Wire



��Sealing wax and wire can be made into a light pulley for a small motor

��the hole, held tightly, and bent as shown in the cut, making the outer curve a little less than the diameter the finished pulley is to have. The shaft that is to take the pulley is then held vertically, and a form the size of the pulley desired is placed around the coiled wire.

Sealing wax is then poured in and allowed to harden for an hour 'or two. The coiled wire will hold the sealing wax together, and will be found to be strong enough for light work.

Making a Space with a Chain Line

��^^^_^ I


��Making an opening for electrical wiring

AN electrician was called to do some L wiring in a brick house where the plaster was put on lath nailed to a vertical strip fastened to the bricks. In applying the plaster numerous hangers or hooks back of the lath were in the way (if the conduit. It was an easy matter to insert the fish wire but how io make a sufficient opening for the conduit puzzled the electrician until a chain was seen in the tool -box.

This was tied to the end of the fish line and worked back and forth by jogging it up and down against the l)laster until a large enough opening was produced to let in the conduit without any obstruction. — Chaki.ks F. Smisor.

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