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/» Mating a Bomb Ttrower for Sham Battles.

Bv J. S. Zerbe

��MODERN methods of warf;irc have developed, among other things, the throwing of hand grenades, or bombs, — pro- jectiles which are used at close quarters against an enemy's trench and also for the purpose of resisting a rush. The use of this weapon docs not depend so much on the amount of actual damage which it ac- complishes as it does upon the dis- organizing results in the ranks (;f the enemy following the explosion. Many grenades arc now proxidef with chemicals which produce irri- tating or stupefying gases designed to halt a charge or to silence the activity of a trench about to be stormed.

The disadvantages are the inabil- ity of the throwers to propel bombs a sufficient distance to do the most effective work and the inaccuracy of delivering the shots. In action during battle it is difficult to follow up a correctly-put shot with anothir which will be sure to reach the same spot.

The grenade is a de\ice which can be niade for throwing small projectiles, and in such cases the gear-wheel described need not be used, since speed is not s<j essential. Its use, moreover, will teach important lessons in the trajectory of lirojectiles.

The device utilizes centrifugal motion

���By means of centrifugal force the apparatus shown above throws bombs a surprisingly long distance. With two such machines, boys can wage battle as long as their ammunition holds out

��and in this respect resembles the action of the arm in throwing an object. Its use in warfare will effect a wonderful change in the handling of this class of projectiles. The drawings above show a side view, Fig. i, and a front view. Fig. 2. A wooden or metallic frame is pro- vided which comprises six posts, a base upon which they are mounted, and three top stringers. Two of these stringers are


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