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���The New Car Has Seating Capacity for Eighteen Men. The Motorman Sits in the Center and Does Not Have to Change His Position to Reverse the Car

��was jurit about compleled ii was decided that a "subway" under the parking between the Capitol and the building was a thing to be desired. Behold, it was done. It is nearly a block long. At first the Senators were satisfied to walk. That was too slow, especially when they were hurrying to the Senate chamber from their offices to vote. An electric automobile, with a capacity of about twelve [)ersons was then installed. This was well enough for a while, but even this was slow. The monorail car was then put into operation, which has been fast enough up to now, but e\'en that was slow and so the latest product has just been installed.

��And It Looks So Small On the Map!

EVERY four years New York city takes unto itself a city the size of Boston or St. Louis.

New York is the largest Jewish city in the world. It is the largest Irish city, there being 674,721 of Irish blood here. There are 723,333 (Germans, 306.422 Austrians and 735,477 Russians.

There are 3,087 miles of water piju's

��under the city; the capacity <jf the reservoir is 170,000,000,000 gallons, and the conclusion of the Schoharie project will add 80,000,000,000 to this.

Every day 290,000 persons arri\e or depart from the citj' through the railroad stations.

The railroad systems terminating in New York have a mileage of 45,323 miles, or 18 per cent of the total mileage of the country.

Every thirty minutes a new business corporation is formed in New York and every forty-five minutes one is dissolved.

Every four minutes a new being is born, to have the proud distinction of being a native New Yorker. Babies to the number of 150,000 were born there last year.

New \'ork has 38,000 factories. They employ capital amounting to $1,800, 000,- 000 and turn out $2,900,000,000 worth of goods a year.

Every day the traction facilities carr\- 4,967,680 jiersons.

The cit\- has 198 parks, with an acre- age of 8,615. It has 1,500 hotels. More than 500 con\-entions are held there a \-ear. There are thirty-one post offices.

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