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��This Automobile Seat Serves as a Waiting Room

A REAL estate man of Los Angeles, California, has found a new use for the rear seat of a worn-out automobile. He came into the possession of an automobile which was ready for the junk pile.

Realizing his immediate need of a resting place for the patrons who visited his little office he saw that some other place must be provided if his customers were to be well taken care of. He thought of the old auto- mobile war horse that stood in his back yard. After some considera- tion he decided that the rear seat

of that "tub" was just what he wanted. So, he took it down and planted it in the parkway directly in front of his office. And there it is now in royal dignity.

���New Kind of Lawn Sprinkler

ANEW kind of lawn sprinkler which has won favor in Cali- fornia is now be- ing introduced in the eastern states. This sprinkler will apply water to every square inch of any round, square or oblong lawn without be- ing moved and the edges of the stream will be so straight-cut and even that scarceh' a drop will reacli the sidewalk. In other words, this s [1 r i n k 1 e r will throw a solid

��sfjuare or circle of water, which can be confined exactly to a given area, large or small. The de\'ice is so small that it can be carried in the pocket, but it covers eight hundred square feet of lawn sur- face, if the water pressure is good enough. One kind is required for a square lawn, however, another kind for a round lawn and still another when the shape is ol)long. A special sprinkler is also made for sloping ground. The sprinkler is placed at one side of the lawn when in use and can be mo\ed about without wetting the one who is handling it. The peculiar effects of this sprinkler are ob- tained by means of several chambers one above the other. While the pressure in the first chamber is sufficient to carry the water to the farthest side of the lawn, in the last chamber it is only sufficient to throw the streams of water a few inches.

��A Comfortable Resting Place for Customers Waiting Outside This Dealer's Office for a Car

����The Water Issues from Perforations in Graduated Cham- bers of the Sprinkler Which Confine the Area of the Spray

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