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���A natural shelter worn away by the persistent grinding action of pebbles and sand thrown against the rocks by the splashing of waves

��How Sea Caves Are Made

C(X\SrA.\r warfare is bcingwagcd between water and soil. The photo- graph shows a rocky recess in a friable sandstone which has been excavated by the scour of currents and beating of waves along an arm of the sea on the east side of Vancou\er Island. The bed which the waves ha\'c cut away is ()I)viously of softer slonc than the underlying one, \\\ overlying layer is hard resistant and sufhcient inassive to overhang for some distance.

The view is an

excellent illustra- tion of shore

erosion. It is not

exactly correct,

however, to speak

of waves orrunning

water as scouring

and grinding

agents. Water

alone has little

power to erode

stone but it is a

potent grinder. it is a wise ewe that

���A Lamb with Two Coats of Wool

I^HE little lamb in the picture has two coats of wool, but only one of them is his own. A ewe is disinclined to adopt some one else's children, even if her own do die. To deceive her into the belief that her own lamb is still li\ing, its pelt has been used as a coat for another lamb. She recognizes the pelt by the smell, and es it to be her!aml). he adopted lamb is a in or if its mother is lead, this arrangement is greatly to its advantage, but once the mother disco\ers that she has been made the \ictim or the "goat," she leaves the aflopted young to its own destiny and refuses there- after to have an\'- thing to do with it, even though its pelt be changed again.

��knows her own lamb

�� �