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Fifteen Motor-Trucks in One

��Fig. 1. The Truck in Its Normal Position, Showing in One View a Carry-All with Seating Capacity for About Twelve People. Below, the Slats Are Shown Folded Together for Carrying Grain

���THE FARMER may not be the only commercial man who will appreciate this manifold type of motor- truck, since the uses to which it may be put are almost limitless; but the special variations shown accompanying illustrations are particu- larly adapted to farming.

The specially constructed body, shown mounted on a two-ton truck, is char- acterized by its folding sides. These are made of slats joined in much the same manner as the folding metal guards between the vestibules of railroad coaches.

The sides may be extended vertically, inclined at an angle to the bottom or laid out fiat on each side to form bodies of sufficient size for carrying various kinds of farm (noduce. The unit is shown in

���its normal position in Fig. I, with the sides folded together to form a grain- tight body for oats, corn, bran, etc. The sides may he extended vertically as in Fig. 2 for carr\-ing li\'e stock like horses or cows and hauling them quicker than they could travel themselves. Fig. 3 shows the unit with flareboard sides for carrying cob corn, potatoes or the like. Rectangular Harcboards of the siiclf type for holding boxes or barrels of fruits or crates of any description arc still another variation of this most versatile vehicle.



����Fig. 2. The Sides of the Truck May Also Be Extended Vertically for Carrying Live Stock of Large Size, Such as Horses, Cows and Hogs


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