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��Popular Science Monthly

��Below: Plan of Interdependent Sprockets and Chains. One Sproc- ket of Each Scries Is Connected by a Shaft to the Cor- responding Sproc- ket of the Other

��A Roller on Each Clamp Runs on a Track Placed Be- neath the Chain and into a Cam Which Lowers It

���In "The Auto Maze" There Are Two Sets of Automobiles Speeding in Opposite Directions on Two Intersecting Triangular Courses. The Cars are Operated by Two Chains Under the Floor and Driven by Twenty-Foot Sprockets. A Collision Seems Almost Inevitable

��faithfully a town which actually under- went several nocturnal raids. The representation is so good that many, familiar with the. town, would im- mediately recognize it.

The aiKeiit of the airships, which drop murderous bombs on the inolTensi\'e little town, makes the spectators feel that they are really present at the raid.

The other form of thriller, di'signed for ])urely ])hysical thrills, is well re|)resentcd by the next figures.

Have you ever been in an automobile smash-up? If you have, you know what

��it feels like, but if not you can get all the excitement with none of the actual danger. In this Icitest "thriller" the impression gi\'en is that a serious smash- up is inexitable. The s|)eeding cars ai)proach each other at right angles, and, just as a collision is about to take place, the cars glide gently by with several inches to spare. The safety of the device is assurc-d by the very complete yet simple njechanism |)ictured. Sim- plicity is really the keynote of a device of this nature; complication means unrcliabilit)' and possible danger.

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