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Checkers as an Out-Door Sport

���Dr. A. GcofRC GoMstcin Illustrnting the Moves and the Ordinary Rules for Playing Out - door Checkers

��The Dark Squares Are Patches of Grass Showing Through Cut Out Holes. The Checker Disks Are Shoved from One White Square to Another

A RECENTLY invented game called Lawn Cliockcrs, which is sponsored ■ by Christy Matthewson, is being popularized at the Prospect Park Tennis Courts, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and tour- naments are being arranged by Dr. A. Cieorge Goldstein. The game is played on a i2-foot canvas "board" stretched out on the lawn. The .s(]uares are the size of an ordinary table napkin, and the alternate colors are green and white. The green squares are simply square holes cut out of the can\as at the proper inter\als. The checkers are red and i)hie aluminum disks, one side of each be- ing adorned with a star to represent the king or (|ueen. The disks are sho\'ed from one square to another by means of a long bamboo stick.

Teams of from two to twenty may play matches, each pla>er being allowed thirty seconds to make a move. The ordinary rules of chess are followed and pr()m])iing is strictly forbidden.


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