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Twenty Thousand L(\'i<^uos L'ndrr the Sea

���The Twentieth Cen- tury Submarine Has Little in Common with the One Jules Verne Imagined; So Six Months Were Devoted by the Wonderful Mo- tion-Picture Magicians toPcrfcctingOnc (^Illus- trated Above) to Fit into the Scenes of the Story. When Fin- ished It Could Dive, Rise to the Surface and Shoot a ReguIationTor- pedo. It Carries a Full Crew of Thirty Men

��In the Bottom of the Hull of the Barge a Hatchway Is Provided, So That the Crew in TheirDi ving Suits May Lower Themselves to the Ocean Bed. In the Illustration a Diver Is Sliown Returning to the Submarine by Way of the Hatchway. Note How Little His Sclf- Contained Diving Suit Impedes His Move- ments Owing to Its Very Light Weight


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